An Energetic Approach to Health & Wellness

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 The Reiki Energetic approach to
health and wellness begins with 
basic Reiki teachings, then
enriches them with techniques,
principles and theories of
the energetic healing process. 

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Energetic Theories & Practices for Healing & Wellness 
by John Kroneck
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Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is an approach to health, healing and self development utilizing spiritual light energy.  It is a gentle, powerful, high frequency energy which may be used with others and with ourselves.  Welcome to this adventure.  You will find, working with Reiki Energetics will open creative possibilities leading to a high level of personal-spiritual well-being.  
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Have you ever thought what forgiveness means?  You, your own self, your own personality, needs your forgiveness.  Your spirit is divine, but until you have overcome, your personality remains human and needs the forgiveness of your spirit.  As you forgive, as your spirit forgives your personality, so also you will learn to forgive your brother man for all his seeming errors.  If you will train yourself to think in terms of love and forgiveness every moment of your life, a most beautiful healing will take place in you. 


White Eagle

The Quiet Mind

pp. 35-36



The old man was speaking with his grandson and stated, "Inside all of us are two wolves that are fighting for our souls.  One is selfish, arrogant, demeaning to others - an angry wolf.  The other is compassionate, sensitive, nurturing - a kind wolf."  The grandson thought for a moment, then asked, "Which one wins?"  The old man simply said, "The one you feed." 


Source Unknown


This story was paraphrased from a Native American story.  We are constantly feeding the wolves within ourselves.  Somedays we feed the angry wolf, other days, the kind wolf.  Our spiritual journey calls us to choose.  But more than choose, also to pay attention and assure that our behaviors are in line with our choice.  One helpful tool is to create, or adopt, a set of spiritual principles to guide our lives.  Examples of such principles include the Ten Commandments, the Eight Fold Path, and the Spiritual Principles of Reiki.  It is best, however, if our personal principles are germinated from our own hearts, inclusive of a sense of feeling for the importance of each.  These principles may also breathe a vision or purpose.  The value of identifying our principles is that they provide a foundation of what is important and inform our creative nature of our trajectory.






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The Reiki Energetic approach begins with basic Reiki teachings, then enriches

them with techniques, principles and theories of the energetic healing process. 

When working with others, having the additional information and skills to offer, 

is helpful with respect to realizing successful healing outcomes.